Our Features

Develop a platform which uses artificial intelligence from sourcing profiles to identify skills and expertise. Also score the applicant for a given profile.
Job Pipeline

Easily track job applicants using customizable pipelines.Set different tags to the candidates on the basis of tags like New, Applied, Accepted/Rejected to keep a track of the applicants. 

Interview Scheduler

Schedule, follow up, as well as reschedule interviews swiftly for any number of candidates with ease.

Interviewer Section

Interview candidates with ease as well keep a record of the interview results on the basis of job suitability, skills, and experience.

Public Job Portal

Create job portals specific to your organization with enhanced capabilities of artificial intelligence and machine learning.

View Analytics

Get detailed information about number of resumes received, successful job fillings as well as rejected resume profiles.

Social Sharing

Enhance the reach of your job offerings with Social Media sharing on Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. with EazyRecruit.


Create niche pages for job requirements for your company to stand out and make an impression.

Bulk Upload

Upload 100s of resume seamlessly with EazyRecruit. Easily sort them on the basis of skill and qualification with EazyRecruit.

Email Integration

Auto read email integration to extract the resumes received in the mailbox. 

Our Architecture

Get to know how easy it is to adopt the architecture of EazyRecruit and elevate the hiring process with technology

Get Started

Just follow a few simple steps and you are all set to use EazyRecruit software for hiring!