About EazyRecruit

We as a company are committed towards the advancement of HR Talent Acquisition solutions. Our objective is to make the hiring process easy for employers and help them in acquiring the right talent from the market. From flipping pages of numerous resumes to conducting rounds of interviews, EazyRecruit is here to cut the slack for you.
What you get - is a candidate, who is just tailor-made to suit your organization requirements.


Focus your energy in building your business and save extensively in terms of man-hours and resources. Just hand over the list of open positions and we’ll handle the rest.

Candidate Grading System

Candidates go through an extensive grading system based on their performance and experience. No premium candidates, only the best and the brightest.

Easy and Quick Hiring

To find your desired match, we do the due-diligence and take care of the complete process. All your organization needs to do is initiate on-boarding.

Not a Data Provider

Not a resume uploading and data selling platform. We understand your requirements and match them with our excellent pool of candidates.

Skilled Recruitment Team

Our highly experienced team members assure perfect solution to your requirements. We help you acquire the best talent from the market.

Dedicated Account Manager

One Key account executive (recruiter) is associated with every client as a single point of contact for all requirements so that you EasyRecruit.

Complete Recruitment Solution

Once our team receives the Employers requirements, we scrutinize the large pool of candidates, to find the most suitable match. The candidates then go through an extensive selection process and are graded based on their experience and performance in each round. There are no premium candidates, the ones who pass are the ones who have earned the grades.

The Key Account Executive, Employer’s one-point contact with EazyRecruit will take care of the complete selection process and make sure what the Employer gets is a complete solution. All that’s left to do, is getting the recruit on board and start rolling!

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Every business knows the importance of hiring the right candidate, but it is also a known fact that the process of finding the best fitting people for any open position is a tedious and lengthy process!

EazyRecruit proves to be a very efficient and cost-effective solution for the employers. Through our unique filtration process, what we give you is a candidate who is tailor-made to suit your requirements.