Passive Candidate Sourcing Techniques

Passive Candidate Sourcing Techniques That Work

When companies sense a need to conduct a recruitment process, they look for candidates who are willingly looking for a job. However, if you’re a recruiter, you can also search for passive candidates for your organization. These candidates do not submit applications for your open positions but might be interested in joining if you have that working environment and growth potential that they might be looking for.

Before moving towards passive candidate sourcing techniques, there are two commonly asked questions that we have answered below.

Question 1: Why should you hire a passive candidate?

About 85% of the total workforce is open to talking to a recruiter or casually looking for opportunities online or through their personal network. There could be numerous advantages with passive candidates:

  1. They won’t lie or exaggerate in their CVs in order to get the job.
  2. Competition is less when you are looking to hire passive candidates.
  3. They are trained and already doing the job for which you want to hire.

Passive candidates sourcing techniques

There is a huge pool of potential passive employees currently working in companies. Adopting passive candidate sourcing techniques will enable you to explore those candidates.

Question 2: Why should you use Candidate Sourcing Techniques?

While numerous tried and tested ways are there to hire active candidates, they obsolescence have reduced chances of attracting more candidates. New techniques and strategies are required to enhance your search results. These candidate sourcing techniques use some basic aspects of hiring and convert them into advanced strategies to hire top talent from the market.

Here is a list of 5 passive candidate sourcing techniques that you must use to dive into the vast sea of passive candidates.

Target social media platforms

It’s time to expand your reach and explore social media platforms to look for talented and skilled people for your organization explicitly.


Millions of young people are currently active on Facebook who could be potential candidates for your company. You can send an outreach message or put up a status about your open position to find high-quality passive candidates.


LinkedIn has been the main and primarily used social media platform to search for passive candidates. As a recruiter, you could list your company on the website and post a catchy job post on your profile to attract candidates. LinkedIn itself send personalized messages to people regarding open positions based on their skills.


Search results on Twitter majorly depend on keywords and hashtags. Use the advanced search functionality to find profiles of people whom you consider could be apt for your company. You can also conduct searches that are location specific and match your criteria.

Referral programs

Referral programs have long been amongst the top sources of searching and hiring candidates. Every one of your current employees has their own network of people working or looking for a job. This network could work remarkably for you in finding passive candidates.

Most passive candidates might hesitate while replying to a recruiter but could be comfortable talking with their friends. This increases your chances of getting more and better replies from passive candidates.

Past rejected candidates

Rejected candidates in the past hiring process could be a great source of finding the right fit for your organization. Even if they might not be actively looking for a job, you can contact them to know if they might be interested in making a switch.

The benefit here is that they have already have been sorted and ranked based on their skills and capabilities. Candidates who had a good experience with your company last time are more likely to consider working for you. You just need to highlight the growth prospects and exciting working environment in your company.

Hire a Talent Acquisition Firm

Talent acquisition firms have a vast database of people who have registered themselves for a job at some point. Hiring the firm will enable you to obtain hundreds of passive candidates who could be a perfect fit for your organization. Moreover, the firm can also help you throughout the hiring process making things easier for your business.

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Conclusion: Passive Candidates Sourcing Techniques

Active candidates may make hiring for a job easier, but not all candidates are ready to be hired. Sourcing passive candidates could enable you to explore a huge arena to hire people for your organization. It’s for sure that searching for passive candidates could be challenging, but it is essential for your business to stay relevant in this fast-paced hiring landscape.

These passive candidate sourcing techniques could be a great help for any business who want to enhance their hiring game. Using these strategies, you can quickly find skilled and already trained employees for your company. These people could create a vital impact on your business in the coming years.

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