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Hiring Remote Employees? Take Note of These Interview Tips

A recruiter always desires a candidate who is skilled, highly competent, and goal oriented. We always wish to hire great candidates, but it becomes more important when you trust an employee that is far away from you.

While hiring remote employees may seem an easy and straightforward task, the difficulty arises when it comes to finding and managing them.

Interviewing and selecting the strongest remote employee requires extra consideration. Your typical in-house interview and hiring process might not work here. The process needs to be tweaked to make it more compliant to hire remote candidates.

Why should you alter your interview approach?

When we hire an office employee, we tend to focus more on his competencies and his approach to working with others. It becomes highly important for us to know how the potential employee is going to work and interact with co-workers. Here is more to read about it – Streamline Your Interview Process

However, a remote candidate must have certain extra capabilities which are needed to be identified during the interview. The approach changes when the interviewer’s focus shifts from the cultural fit to core working capabilities of the candidate. It also digs deeper into their communication style over emails, calls, and messengers.

Moreover, hiring remote employees does not always mean a remote interview. Face-To-Face interaction is an essential aspect when it comes to hiring a virtual candidate.

Tips for hiring remote employees

There are four such tips that can help your hiring process be adjusted for the remote candidates. These expert tips can guide you to find the strongest remote candidate.

Know their ‘why?’

Generally, the reason behind a candidate being a remote employee is backed up by a reason, which could be anything like taking care of kids, aging parents, or lack of jobs around his residence. Although their personal reasons might affect the choice, it is good to understand their situation to have greater insights. It will help you to make more informed hiring decisions.

Involve the concerned team

It’s a common misconception that remote employees work on their own and they need to know to get connected to his team. Yes, we agree that there would be less interaction than general but being a part of the team always matters.

That mean, involving the future hire’s team in the interview allows better interaction and send a positive impact on the candidate. In addition, it enables peer interviewing as well.

Skills and competencies to be analyzed

Watch for these competencies

When hiring or interviewing a candidate for office, we generally look for the required skills and general competencies like professionalism, hard-working, and team-oriented.

However, the focus shifts to other competencies that are required in a remote candidate:

  1. Self-motivated
  2. High-level integrity
  3. Goal oriented
  4. Self-confidence

Assess skills: Time management and communication

Perhaps, these two are amongst the most crucial skills that a remote employee must boast. Companies might face numerous challenges while hiring a remote candidate. The reason here is the fact that the person won’t be available in the office.

Project deadlines and team communication are two aspects that get majorly affected. So, during the interview, you can conduct pre-employment tests to ensure hiring the best candidate from the pool. The interviewers can also ask questions that are more focusing on them.

Some more to help

While technology is making lives easier, more and more people are leaning towards working from home or any other area far from the office. Moreover, hiring remote employees saves a lot of money for companies. All this boils down to the extra efforts you need to apply to hire a strong remote candidate.

  1. Compensations should be paid on a regular basis to maintain the employee retention rate.
  2. Apart from the salary and bonus, various job perks should be highlighted.
  3. A one-on-one meet before joining could be essential for both the company and the person.

Hiring remote employees could be a challenge if a recruiter does not have the right approach. However, with EazyRecruit, you can keep your hiring process on the right path. We help organizations to hire candidates who are tailor-made for your open positions.

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