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Hiring and Recruiting Funnel That Actually Works

Hiring the right candidate is undoubtedly a huge responsibility for the human resource. Seeking, evaluating, and recruiting the talent needs a pre-defined plan that can streamline your process. That is where a recruiting funnel comes into play. Recruiting or hiring funnel defines the process of recruitment and specify all the steps that candidates would go through. However, it is essential to make sure that the funnel is filtering candidates in the right priorities.

What is Recruiting Funnel and why should you use it?

Before moving to the strategies and benchmarks of the recruiting funnel, it is essential to identify its concept. Recruitment funnel is a framework for the entire hiring process, so you can hire the right candidate that fits for the job. It includes 5-6 steps that filter out the candidates based on the job requirements. With more and more people are applying for the job openings, it has become a necessity to have an effective plan to hire the right candidate. Each step in the hiring funnel plays a significant part in engaging with the candidates to build a network of employees.

The Recruiting Funnel for Perfect Match

Here is the funnel for the perfect recruitment match for your company.

  • Job Opening – Job seekers get to know about the vacancies that they can apply for.
  • Applications – Applicants analyze the job and apply if they find themselves apt.
  • Screening – Filter out the applicants that do not fit for the job.
  • Interview – Shortlist the best candidates based on their talent, skills, and experience.
  • Hire – Give the job offer and hire the best candidate out of the pool.

Recruiting Funnel

Job Opening

The first thing you need to do is to post a job opening on all the platforms from where applicants can reach. A lot of candidates enter by knowing about the job vacancy. Make sure you spread the post as far as you can. The more the candidates, better chances are there for perfect recruitment.

There are numerous platforms on which you can share your job posting to get maximum reach. Social media and job portals are some of the fine platforms where you can post a job opening.


Not all the candidates who have seen your job posting apply for the job. Applicants will analyze the job posting and then apply if they find themselves relevant. Therefore, the job posting must be crisp & clear and must specify the roles.

Nowadays, candidates don’t just stick to the job responsibilities, but they also want to know more about the company culture and work environment. With a crisp and informative job posting, you can attract a number of candidates who are actually relevant to your company.


The next crucial step in the recruiting funnel is the screening of the candidates that have applied for the job. Screening is a process of filtering out the candidates that do not match the requirements. They might lack the education qualification, required experience or they are not skilled enough. Screening process helps you to narrow down the vast pool of candidates and ease out your task when it comes to interviewing.


Interview, arguably the most critical step in the hiring funnel, helps to further trim down the list of shortlisted candidates. On an average, only 10-15% of applicants manage to reach this step.

The interview helps you to coordinate with the applicants and analyze their pros and cons. It also helps you to evaluate the competencies and the professionalism of the candidate.

A streamlined interview process can help you to finalize the candidates that you actually want in your company.


Hiring is the last step in the recruiting funnel. One the candidate who has the blend of required skills and personality can pass through this step. However, it solely depends on the candidate as he may accept or reject the offer. Make sure you negotiate well with the candidate. Nobody wants to lose the candidate after all the efforts.

Recruitment funnel could be a remarkable strategy to hire the right candidate for your company. All you need to do is to manage through all the steps to make the perfect hiring.

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