Interview Questions to Ask Candidates

Top 12 Interview Questions to Ask Candidates

An interview is a crucial stage in the process of hiring. If you are a job seeker, it is ‘the chance’ to gather all the confidence and grab the opportunity. But this just doesn’t apply to the candidate – it is equally important for the interviewer as well.

The conversation held during the interview helps the interviewer to judge the skills and abilities of the candidate. He can also ensure what’s mentioned in the resume is not just hypothetical, it matches with the person. However, the interviewer can get to assess the reality if he asks the right questions.

That being said, we are going over 12 interview questions to ask candidates in an interview to achieve a collaborative conversation. You need to be creative and quick-witted while asking these questions to the candidate.

Is it better to be perfect and late, or good and on time?

Speaking of the design industry or any creative field, you could design the best layouts but missing the deadline can make your efforts worthless. Let’s face it; perfection can never be achieved. There will always be a desire that remains unfulfilled.

In terms of priority, rank salary, experience, and growth.

Whatever be the answer, a good explanation to back up the answer is all that a candidate must deliver in the interview. Analyze the long-term & short-term goals and what drives him the most.

What is your definition of smart work?

“Work smarter, not harder.” We’ve heard the cliché numerous times, but what does this actually mean? This question will help you to determine the thought process of the candidate and assess if the candidate is capable enough to match the pace of your organization.

How would you describe your working style?

While every employee in your organization is capable enough to complete the tasks, only some of them like to work in teams. Having insights into the working style of the candidate could be helpful for you to take the final decision.

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What skills do you possess that make you the most qualified for the job?

Certainly, amongst the top interview questions to ask candidates is to find his strengths and weaknesses. It can also help you to give a direction to the interview.

What is your approach when you face a problem?

Here is a great way to figure out the abilities of a candidate when it comes to dealing with problems. However, do keep in mind, the answer you are going to get from the candidate might be prepared already. The problem-solving approach will be revealed when he will actually perform.

If you get a chance to travel time, what would you like to change in your past?

This interview question is another way of identifying the lessons learned by the candidate in the past. Look how the candidate deals with his past experiences and if he stays positive or negative throughout the answer.

What is your biggest failure till now?

One of the tried and tested interview questions to ask candidates during an interview. This question helps you to figure out if the candidate accepts a mistake or simply blames the co-worker for his failure.

What is the biggest decision you have made in your life?

The answer to this question could be professional or personal, but for sure it can help you to assess the decision-making capabilities of the candidate.

Which word would you choose to describe yourself?

It is smart to ask the candidate how he perceives his capabilities. If he is good enough, his explanation will definitely display the confidence he boasts when you ask him ‘why.’

What do you like to do in your free time?

Ideally, interviewers remain concerned with the professional life of the candidate, but it is also important to know how the candidate spends his leisure time. Rest assured; a prepared candidate can already see the question coming.

What will you do if I reject you?

This question will certainly help you to analyze the behavior and temperament of the candidate. It could be a game-changing question that can surely affect your final decision.

As we always say, an interview is a combined effort, and the conversation held during the process plays a significant role in identifying actual professional and personal aspects of the candidates. These 12 top interview questions can help you to streamline the interview process and assist you in the final decision of hiring.

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