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5 Clues You’ve Found a Well-Prepared Candidate

In the quest of top talent, every recruiter is aware of the candidate traits who are unfit for the job. They look for such characteristics that make the candidate undesirable. However, recruiters tend to miss those signs that indicate the applicant is perfect for the job.

There are certain signs which let you know if the person sitting right next to you is prepared for the job interview. Keeping an eye on these clues can help you to get a better idea about whether the person would be able to handle job efficiently. Moreover, you could easily manage your recruitment funnel reducing the chances of mis-hires.

When you’re looking for employees in your organization, these four clues can help you find the talent who is well-informed and prepared for the job.

They exactly know the job requirement

Well-prepared candidates start their research for the job before the first interview. They thoroughly read the job description to get to know your requirements and responsibilities he might have to take.

So, the first clue is when the candidate knows what exactly are the job requirements. He might also know your company, your products and services, and current projects.

They came as a referral

Employee referral is one of the most popular and reliable sources of hiring well-prepared candidates. The reason behind this is the fact your current employees share significant information about the company and job responsibilities. In addition, referred applicants save a lot of hiring time and there are fewer chances of them leaving the job early.

Here is more to the importance of referral programs.

Their CV or resume is according to the job requirements

Candidates generally share their resumes with HRs without addressing the job requirements and get rejected. On the other hand, a well-informed and prepared candidate spend time in tailoring resume to fit the job requirements.

One way to check it –

Open the job description on your computer and compare it with the resume. You will find that the skills and work experience that he has mentioned in his resume will be in line with your job description. That’s how you can evaluate if he is a well-prepared candidate or a person you do not want in your company.

They ask relevant and intelligent questions

Initial research about company and job is what makes the candidate more desirable and increases the chances of getting selected. A competent candidate must have done his research work before entering the interview room. This is likely to reflect in the questions they ask you about your company and the positions they may be hired. Moreover, they will also be informed about the latest happenings in the industry, have ideas about growing the business and meet the challenges ahead.

They give clear and quick answers

An interview session remains filled with questions and answers. This communication helps the recruiter to evaluate candidates and rank them on the basis of what they answer. Without a doubt, a well-prepared candidate will respond quickly and clearly with relevant answers. Most applicants give rubbish answers as they do not want to spoil their impression in front of interviewers. Informed candidates tend to research thoroughly before the interview thus answer promptly without wasting time.

These are five keys to help you know if the candidate sitting next to you is prepared and informed one. Such candidates offer painless interview experience and tend to save your time and efforts. To have a detailed understanding about the effective hiring and recruitment, check out Eazyrecruit blog section.

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